Why Now’s The Time To Launch A Summer Wellness Challenge

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Employee Wellness Challenges are a great way to help keep employees engaged during the busy, vacation summer months to inspire and encourage team building and healthy behaviors, thus positively impacting the health of the organization.

Studies show that team challenges keep employees engaged and motivated while they work on improving their health and reducing stress by encouraging participation. Simply designed challenges provide an opportunity to promote healthy habits and lifestyle changes and support a fun, team oriented working environment.

With the official launch of summer June 21st, now is the perfect time to introduce an employee wellness challenge to help keep your employees engaged in taking an active role in their health and overall well-being. Here are 21 Summer Employee Wellness Challenges to choose from and make your own to fit your organization and overall wellness goals.

Make it easy, communicate often and have fun with the challenge of implementing a summer wellness challenge!

For more information on how to implement an employee wellness challenge or in getting started with your  wellness program, contact: wellness@cairnstone.com 


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