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Wellness Plan Design

Because no two employee populations are the same, customization is at the core of every successful employee wellness program. Cairnstone Benefit Group designs a tailored plan that becomes your guide to empowering employees and growing a culture of wellness. Each plan considers the specific needs of your workforce, your organizational goals, budget, and business culture. Your specific wellness plan is designed to change behaviors and lives.

Setting a Course for Wellness

Cairnstone starts by creating a snapshot of employee health. By analyzing your claims data and the results of health risk assessments and biometric screenings, we complete a thorough evaluation of the health of your workforce. With this information, we help you prioritize areas of focus and establish measurable short- and long-term goals. A solid plan not only outlines how to launch a wellness program, but also outlines what comes next.

Since it takes time to change behavior and time to see results, Cairnstone designs a multi-year wellness plan to be implemented in phases. We suggest investing slowly and increasing your commitments over time. You may wish to reinvest some of your healthcare cost savings into a wellness program budget.

No Wellness Without Communication

Consistent and ongoing communication contributes to employee engagement and participation. Every wellness plan includes a communication plan to clearly educate employees about the goals of the program, what their employer is investing in their health, how to participate, and any incentive system. While we would like everyone to be intrinsically motivated to follow healthy lifestyle habits, some may need a nudge to get started.

We recommend senior management actively participate in the roll-out and most wellness activities. Frequent messages reinforce the importance of wellness to the company, encourage employees to persevere to reach their goals, and recognize successes.

Implementation: Your Business Culture Sets the Tone

Cairnstone’s experienced wellness coordinators and certified wellness coaches help ease the stress of coordinating wellness programming and ensure your program achieves results. As our coordinators get to know you and your workplace culture, we implement activities that fit your company and employee interests. Variety is the key to keeping employees engaged and avoiding boredom. From fun group activities and friendly competitions to a one-on-one personal health coach and entertaining education , there is something for everyone.

 Evaluation Can Lead to New Paths

Regular evaluation, including employee feedback and progress, helps you recognize which initiatives are working and which ones are not. With these insights, we can help you refine your plan and boost success.

Let’s Get Started

It is easy to start on the path to corporate wellness. The first step starts with Cairnstone Benefits Group. Contact us.

The Cairnstone Difference

Our culture is one of service and high-touch engagement. As advisors and advocates, we seek to make your life easier and your employees’ lives better. Let’s talk about how to enrich your workforce – and your bottom line.

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Inspire employees to change behaviors and lives

Cairnstone offers an array of activities to motivate, educate, and encourage employees regardless of where they are on their path to wellness.

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Transform the way you deploy benefits

Cairnstone designs customized benefit plans to help your employees reach their health goals, while realizing cost savings and compliance.

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Save hours of HR document filings

The Cairnstone enrollment platform talks directly to your payroll system and insurance partners daily. That means, you can focus on your employees, not computers.

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