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Try This One Thing To Manage Workplace Stress

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multasking woman

As we continue our education and workplace health promotion in support of April Stress Awareness Month, it’s important to get back to basics, slow down, take a deep breath and pause. A recent New York Times article summed it up well, “As much as people would like to believe otherwise, humans have finite neural resources that are depleted every time we switch between tasks. That’s why you feel tired at the end of the day. You’ve used them all up.”

That’s why the simple practice of Monotasking beats Multitasking every time and can decrease stress and increase performance and energy! Changing this one work habit can be a game (and life) changer!

Monotask: To do one thing at a time.

Research continues to grow suggesting that the hurried, busyness of thought that multitasking is the way to get more done is NOT where it’s at! Say what??

Hard to believe for those of us that are wired with type-A behaviors to go full speed ahead and do as many things as we can in an attempt to get as much done as possible! Deep breath…………………ahhhh.

A growing body of evidence shows that multitasking actually makes us less efficient, less effective, less focused, more stressed AND more prone to making mistakes! Makes sense when you pause and slow down to think about it, huh?

“Multitasking makes the little information we do take in when we’re multitasking more difficult to remember at a later stage”, reports Psychology Today.

Maintaining focus and interest on one task at a time isn’t always easy, but like meditation and mindful living (and working), it’s so worth it! When we are mindful and 100% focused and present with one task, we can flow through to the next with more ease and efficiency and much less stress. Although Monotasking is not the same as mindfulness, being more mindful (cultivating awareness, and focusing on the here and now), Monotasking allows us to pay attention to, and complete, one task at a time more effectively.

So, start today and practice being more mindful as you tackle your tasks and projects – one task and one project at a time. Slow down and pay attention to how you feel as you become more present. Just like any other healthy habit, to achieve overall well-being and inspired living, it’s a practice.  As a recovering multi-tasker and work in progress myself, I promise you’ll feel and live better.

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