Top 7 Employee Eye Health Tips for January Glaucoma Month

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January is National Glaucoma Month, so let’s take a “look” at how we can help preserve your and your employee’s vision with proper diet and nutrition.

Are you surprised that vision health is just another reason to eat healthy & exercise?

Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness in adults and is known as the silent eye disease since it happens over time and is painless until the permanent damage starts to occur.

Eye strain at the office (computers, mobile devices, tablets, etc.) causes stress, fatigue and productivity loss. As with most other serious health issues, such as heart disease, we often don’t know our eyes are “sick” until it’s too late.

Wellness Prevention for Glaucoma embodies many of the basics for overall health and wellness:

  • Exercise and Stress Reduction (from exercise)
  • Meditation – to relax the body and reduce stress
  • Green Tea – to help the retia ad aqueous humor absorb the antioxidants in green tea
  • Vitamins A, C, E (all high in antioxidants) and Vitamin B Complex which also helps protect the eyes (seeds, nuts, fresh fruits and veggies)
  • Carrots (Beta-Carotene) and Dark Green Leafy Veggies (spinach, kale, broccoli)
  • Low Caffeine Intake
  • Schedule Regular Comprehensive Eye Exams (prevention!)

Here are our Top 7 Eye Health Wellness Program Tips to incorporate in your employee health and wellness initiatives:

  1. Share this knowledgewith your employee population and encourage regular eye exams.
  2. Review your vision health program
  3. Encourage Computer Eye Strain Breaks
  4. Offer Relaxation Rooms for employees to unplug and recharge
  5. Provide Green Tea at coffee stations
  6. Offer Meditation Classes
  7. Offer Exercise and Stress Reduction Classes and Programs

Cheers to nourishing your and your employee’s vision and eye health and seeing the difference a healthy lifestyle and healthy organization can make!

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