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What’s the significance of Cairnstone

A cairn (kern) is a man-made stack of rocks that marks a place or trail, usually above the tree line or other barren area. For avid hiker and founder of Cairnstone Financial Group, Mark Shrack, the cairn represents more.

For many years, Mark accompanied high school students on annual adventures to Colorado. Trekking up some of its famous fourteeners, he first saw cairns and was captivated by their size and splendor. One year, students from a school for the blind were invited to join the crew. Mark watched as the two groups of students, with different backgrounds, skill levels, and vision, became friends and developed a comradery. The sighted students mentored and encouraged the others, as they overcame the challenges of the trail together. The unsighted students taught the others about conquering fear and surmounting obstacles – personal as well as physical. The cairns that literally guided them on their way came to symbolize helping others to help themselves.

The team at Cairnstone Financial Group embodies helping others to help themselves – physically and financially. Developing a relationship, we walk beside you and show you the best course for your organization and your employees. We provide the tools and support needed to keep each one on the right path and, in time, take the lead.

The Cairnstone Difference

Our culture is one of service and high-touch engagement. As advisors and advocates, we seek to make your life easier and your employees’ lives better. Let’s talk about how to enrich your workforce – and your bottom line.

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Cairnstone designs customized benefit plans to help your employees reach their health goals, while realizing cost savings and compliance.

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