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Population Health Management

When your employees are distracted by important work-life issues, it affects their attention, productivity, and overall health. Cairnstone Benefits Group takes a holistic approach, focusing on employees’ total quality of life and well-being. In addition to empowering employees to manage chronic disease and healthcare costs, we champion meaningful change that improves lives and life expectancies.

Our strength is in disease prevention

Cairnstone integrates wellness strategies and health plans via our powerful analytics platform, which presents a clear picture of your employees’ health status, future risk, and readiness to change. We address the specific needs of your entire population with a combination of clinical case management, health coaching, and evidence-based wellness programming.

Our certified wellness coordinators guide employees to reduce risk-factors – and prevent disease. Thinking holistically, our health coaches recognize personal issues – like stress, depression, insomnia, or financial security – may push people to adopt emotional behaviors that contribute negatively to long-term health. That’s why Cairnstone offers programs, such as stress management, financial health, and work/life balance, to support the employee as a whole person.

cstone_healthBeyond diet, exercise, and smoking cessation

Cairnstone addresses employees’ physical and mental health needs, social connectedness, and fiscal fitness. Attending to employees as a whole person boosts employee participation, engagement, and achievement of goals.

Our wellness coaches know how to motivate people. By engaging employees in fun, social initiatives that fit easily in their busy lives, we see positive behavior changes lead to overall healthier outcomes. And that means: healthier employees and reduced healthcare expenses.

Yet, population health management is about more than reducing healthcare costs. It has a significant influence on the lives of your employees — contributing to improved health, productivity, morale, retention, and job satisfaction. And, it may become part of your company culture and employer brand of a great place to work.

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The Cairnstone Difference

Our culture is one of service and high-touch engagement. As advisors and advocates, we seek to make your life easier and your employees’ lives better. Let’s talk about how to enrich your workforce – and your bottom line.

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Gain control over the drivers of healthcare cost

The Cairnstone technology solution, powered by Johns Hopkins ACG®, lets your organization reduce risk, enhance employee health, and achieve benefit cost savings.

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Bring transparency to specialty drug spend

Cairnstone developed pharmacy protocols to more tightly monitor and manage these costs.

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Empower employees to make meaningful life changes

As your wellness navigator and coach, Cairnstone interacts daily with employees to support behavior change, because healthier employees are happier, more productive, and loyal.

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