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Decision Support

Information is power. When making decisions about the direction and investment of your company’s benefit plan, it’s critical. Cairnstone Benefits Group helps you make more powerful decisions by providing a clear view to your employees’ preferences and anticipated needs as well as your competitors’ approach.

Cairnstone gathers and analyzes information about your competitors and employee populations, then uses the insights to inform decisions about specific offerings and how best to allocate your benefit dollars. When your employees have the benefits they want and need, then your organization is on the path to a happier, healthier, more productive, and loyal workforce.

Benchmark your benefits to your industry

A customized benchmarking report lets you gauge competitors’ plans and assess trends. Our benchmarking tool carves out employer segments – geographic, industry type, or employer size – so you compare your plan to those you compete with for employees. You learn if your organization’s benefit offerings, costs, and employee share of costs are competitive, yet cost effective.

Employee survey: What employees want


Designed to measure employees’ attitudes, perceptions, and understanding of their benefits, an employee survey helps align your benefit spend with those benefits your employees most desire. Research shows when employees feel their benefits needs are met, they are more satisfied with their employer. By applying survey results to develop plans that give employees the benefits they value most, Cairnstone has reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.

Surveys may reveal surprising information. “Traditional” benefits evolved as the line between workplace and home blurred and as the millennial generation entered the workforce with new benefit preferences. The survey results reflect the diverse needs of the employees: Older employees may still value vacation time most highly, while younger employees may regard the convenience of onsite services as essential.

Cairnstone provides you with a clear understanding of your survey results and translates the feedback into a meaningful action plan. As a result, we do not recommend every client implement a survey, rather only those who are prepared to respond to employee feedback or who expect competitive threats to employee retention.

Evaluate full range of products

Cairnstone has strong relationships with numerous third party adminiatrators (TPAs), networks and healthcare companies, so we can identify – and provide – the best solutions for our clients. Through due diligence, we source products scaled and tailored to meet your organization’s exact needs. We offer:

  • Detailed plan design comparisons
  • Manufacturer overviews
  • Financial ratings analysis

Robust analytics: Put data to work for you

Our robust software analytics program identifies high risk individuals, predicts health patterns, and reveals the best strategy for empowering employees to achieve better wellness outcomes. By pairing claims data analysis with predictive modeling, we pave the way to more specific plan designs and guide employees toward cost saving options and timely disease management opportunities.

Decision support is just one facet of our services – select only what you need. Let us tailor a plan that is right for your company and your employees. Contact us to learn more.

The Cairnstone Difference

Our culture is one of service and high-touch engagement. As advisors and advocates, we seek to make your life easier and your employees’ lives better. Let’s talk about how to enrich your workforce – and your bottom line.

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Gain control over the drivers of healthcare cost

The Cairnstone technology solution, powered by Johns Hopkins ACG®,  lets your organization reduce risk, enhance employee health, and achieve benefit cost savings.

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Obtain more than reduced healthcare expenses

A holistic approach to population health contributes to improved health, productivity, morale, retention, and job satisfaction.

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Empower employees to make meaningful life changes

As your wellness navigator and coach, Cairnstone interacts daily with employees to support behavior change, because healthier employees are happier, more productive, and loyal.

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