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Why Now’s The Time To Launch A Summer Wellness Challenge

Employee Wellness Challenges are a great way to help keep employees engaged during the busy, vacation summer months to inspire and encourage team building and healthy behaviors, thus positively impacting the health of the organization. Studies show that team challenges keep employees engaged and motivated while they work on improving their health and reducing stress by […]

10 Ways to Create a Mentally Healthier Workplace

Are you walking the walk to a mentally healthier workplace or are you and your organization just talking and having meetings about how to manage mental health in the workplace? As May Mental Health Awareness Month comes to an end this week, the work continues to take action, create awareness, education and support surrounding mental […]

Mental Health Month – What Employers Need to Know & Do

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. With research that shows most U.S. workers are stressed and many suffer from depression and other mental health related conditions, it’s important to know the facts, access the resources and de-stigmatize mental health in the workplace. As part of creating a true culture of overall well-being, mental well-being must […]

5 Reasons Mindfulness Improves Employee Well-being

Traditional wellness programs typically don’t address stress, resiliency and mental well-being. As we transition from education and awareness (mindfulness) during April Stress Awareness Month to May Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s important to provide a continuum of learning on how to help organizations and employees better manage stress and get proper training. Stress is the […]

Try This One Thing To Manage Workplace Stress

As we continue our education and workplace health promotion in support of April Stress Awareness Month, it’s important to get back to basics, slow down, take a deep breath and pause. A recent New York Times article summed it up well, “As much as people would like to believe otherwise, humans have finite neural resources […]

National Spinach Day – A Healthy Habit Practice

As we continue discovering ways to practice and share healthier heating habits as part of March National Nutrition Month, today marks the perfect opportunity to experiment with how to get more greens into our daily intake. Check out the fun facts on all the health benefits of spinach and how to incorporate. If you need […]

National Nutrition Month – Employer Toolkit

March  is National Nutrition Month and a great opportunity to help your employees practice healthy eating habits and celebrate the overall wellness benefits of good nutrition.  We know that healthy eating and good nutrition contributes to healthy, happy, productive employees and that it’s not easy to create a lifestyle of healthy eating. Whether your workplace […]