7 steps prevent heart disease & cancer

7 Facts & 7 Prevention Steps You Need To Know About Heart Disease

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As we continue our February Heart Healthy Theme to boost awareness and create more heart healthy behaviors, here are 7 Facts about heart disease you may not be aware of, but need to know. These 7 facts are calls to action in themselves for employers who care about the health and lives of their employees, as well as those responsible for Employee Wellness Program initiatives.

Knowledge is Power. Even if you choose just one to be inspired by and share with your workforce, friends and family to support heart healthy change, you can be a change maker.

  1. Every 80 seconds, a woman dies from heart disease.
  2. Heart disease if the #1 cause of death of women, more than all cancers combined.
  3. Cardiovascular diseases account for 1/3 of ALL deaths.
  4. Although some heart disease conditions are hereditary, most heart disease related conditions are preventable.
  5. These preventable health conditions can impact an average of 75% of employer health care costs.
  6. Heart disease leads to an average of 13 lost workdays per year per patient.
  7. Studies show that people who followed 7 Steps to help prevent and manage heart disease also reduced their chances of getting cancer

A recent study (Infogram by Everyday Health) found that people who followed these 7 Steps to help their heart also reduced their chances of getting cancer. Check it out and ask yourself how many of these healthy habits you follow or practice regularly. Then share with your co-workers, wellness committee, friends and family as a helpful healthy lifestyle guide.

Remember, prevention is key and it’s never too late to start!

  1. Move more
  2. Find your healthy weight and stay there
  3. Eat a balanced, healthy diet
  4. Maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  5. Keep your blood pressure down (to a healthy range)
  6. Regulate your blood sugar levels
  7. Don’t smoke, and if you do, quit!

For more information on how to promote heart healthy behaviors in your workplace, or to start designing a program that meets the needs of your employee population, contact us at wellness@cairnstone.com.

7 steps prevent heart disease & cancer

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